Adventure to the Dry Creek Bed (that’s not dry anymore!)

A walk to the dry creek bed is a favorite for the children who are always up for an adventure.


This school year our first walk to the dry creek bed did not take place until we were back at BWK post flood.  On our first trip in January we were surprised to discover that there no longer was a creek, or green grass or really anything except a pit of mud, twisted trees, troll trash everywhere… even a washed up dryer in the mix.  It was clear that our small, babbling creek had morphed into a raging river during the flood, taking out all in its path.

So, Miss Rachel, Miss Cat and the children got right to work.  We collected bags and bags of troll trash over the course of several walks.  We made piles of larger pieces of trash which could not be carried.  We collected sticks and goat candy to clear what had been the river bed.

And then, we had some help.  Big, worker trucks drove in.  We watched them scoop, dump and clear debris.  Then we watched them dig a new path in which the water could hopefully flow once again.


Today we adventured again to the dry creek bed.  And, to our delight, we discovered our creek had returned!

Smiles from ear to ear lit up the faces of our children!  We skipped, we sang, we greeted the day with our morning circle right by the creek!  We made fairy boats from sticks and leaves, sending them sailing down the river!  The children made bridges, cleared trash from the creek as well as sticks and larger branches that were blocking the water from flowing.  We played, we laughed, we got water in our boots!

The children returned to school invigorated, excited and … hungry!

Love, Miss Catimage


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