Ella Montoya – Lavenders Class and Star Flower Class Assistant Teacher

Ella joined BWK in 2016 after she received a BA in Anthropology, Minor in Early Childhood Education at the University of North Florida. In the Summer of 2017, Ella traveled to Central Oregon and farmed as an intern at Rainshadow Organics, a full diet, Biodynamic farm. As the season came to an end, she accepted a permanent substitute position leading the Forest Kindergarten at The Playgarden, in her hometown, Jacksonville, Florida. Ella happily returned to the BWK community in 2018 with more experience in tow, ready to engage with the children in the Waldorf way and explore this beautiful community.< 

When Ella is not present with the children, she loves to dance, climb rocks, paint and sew, take cold dips in the creek, and cook delicious local veggies!