Katherine Saatjian, Violets Class Lead Teacher

Katherine is a certified Waldorf Early Childhood Educator with her roots in K-12 art and Contemplative Education. She has been a teacher at Waldorf schools including Eugene Waldorf School and Wishing Well School of the Central Coast and began as an assistant at Alaya Preschool here in Boulder.

She graduated from CU Boulder in 2005 with a degree in Fine Arts and Ceramics. She received her Colorado K-12 Art Teaching License through the Teacher Education Program at the University of Denver in 2008 and received her Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher Training Certification in Eugene, Oregon in 2015.

Katherine is an experienced potter and enjoys fiber arts, playing music, gardening, and learning about native plants and natural medicine. She brings music into the classroom with her ukulele and flute and uses therapeutic movements to support children in their development. Miss Katherine enjoys gardening and harvesting herbs with the children and loves how our school supports their meaningful work and play.