Kirah Combelic – Summer Camp Lead Teacher, Sessions I and II and III

Kirah wishes to bestow enthusiastic learning, intellectual growth, self-confidence and kindness on all children she has the honor to work with. After growing up helping care for her six younger siblings, volunteering in a Tanzanian orphanage after high school, and then later becoming a mother to two young boys, Kirah believes early childhood is a uniquely valuable stage of the sacred life journey worthy of being truly treasured and respected.

While completing her LifeWays training, Kirah successfully ran a Colorado licensed early childhood program inspired by Waldorf education out of her home in Fort Collins before moving to the mountains of Gold Hill, CO with her husband and sons to pursue a more intentional life closer to nature and family. Committed to a life of learning and ongoing personal development, Kirah is a student focusing on French studies.

Kirah has served as an assistant in the Violets classroom and is thrilled to now be overseeing the Summer Camp program through sessions I, II & III.

Outside of the classroom, you can find Kirah studying, baking with her sons, attempting ambitious DIY projects, writing spoken word poetry, cooking up a tasty dinner, or staring through her telescope at the starry night sky.