Shelly Hatch – Cherry Blossoms Class Assistant Teacher

Shelly moved to Boulder at 2 years old and was raised in Louisville. As the oldest of 5 kids, she’s been a nurturer since her baby sis joined the family. She started babysitting at 12 and spent four years as a nanny between finishing high school and starting college. She knew she wanted to work with kids, so she studied Family Life & Human Development, with a huge emphasis on Early Childhood. She got her degree from SUU in beautiful Southern Utah.

Shelly’s path naturally led her to working in public education, a rewarding but very eye-opening experience. She quickly realized it wasn’t a good fit and closed down her life in Utah so she could move back to Colorado. Though she had heard about Waldorf in a college class, it wasn’t until a friend told her about the many Waldorf schools in the area that she really looked deeper into the philosophy. Everything resonated and her visit to BWK felt like coming home!

Shelly’s excited to join this community and learn from the experience of being in the classroom. She loves Colorado sunshine and often walks in the early morning darkness so she can enjoy the sunrise. She loves to read, play the piano, be outside, and yoga is her happy place.