Jamie Little – Lavenders Class Lead Teacher

Jamie received her MA in Education from Antioch University. She received her Waldorf Grades Certificate from Antioch University and her Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching Certificate from Sound Circle Center. She graduated from CU with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

She brings a unique perspective to her Waldorf Kindergarten, as she attended Shining Mountain Waldorf School from KG through 12th Grade.  Those early years, and a childhood filled with laughter, art, travel, gardening, and outdoor adventures, instilled in her a passion for being a Waldorf Teacher and continues to shape her classroom presence.

Jamie brings ten years of teaching experience to the classroom.  She was 2nd Grade Teacher at the Sunrise School of Miami from 2010 – 2011, EC Teacher at Mountain Phoenix Community School from 2011 – 2013, and EC Teacher at Boulder Valley Waldorf School from 2013 – 2020.