Kindergarten Parents Gather to Discuss the Energy of Spring!

Spring has finally sprung in Boulder, Colorado, after a long, long winter. 


Kindergarten parents gathered Tuesday night to braid crowns for the upcoming MayPole festival, and chat with Miss Rachel, Miss Orien, and Miss Angie about the abundant Spring Energy that has manifested in our natural world and through our children. We then discussed ways in which the teachers and parents are facilitating the most graceful flow of this playful energy! 

“Celebrating festivals can bring us consciously to what we all experience instinctively in our daily lives, the changing cycles of the seasons and of life itself. Through various festivals and rituals we acknowledge and celebrate our connection to and our responsibility toward each other and the world. – excerpted  from Festivals by Marilyn Pelrme.

Miss Rachel shared how the walls could barely contain the children this week! And who could blame them? The teachers have been spending even more time outside with the children since Spring Break. The teachers also spoke of how wonderful it has been to have Mr. Ryder available, as he can take several kids from each class out if they just need some extra time to play in the sun!

Miss Rachel has spoken at previous parent nights of how the teachers facilitate the ‘out-breath’ and the ‘in-breath’ throughout the day – times when the energy can be expansive, and times when the energy is brought in close. She said that Spring seems like one big out-breath! The teachers discussed the methods that they have for bringing the energy ‘in’ throughout the day – Miss Rachel might play a song on the piano for 10 minutes, or Miss Orien will encourage the children to enjoy three deep breaths before starting their snack, and Miss Angie might have the children spend a little more time wiggling their feet in the damp grass. 

Spring Energy can also be hard on for the children. After Spring comes Summer, and then the rhythms of the day change. Plus. some of the children may be leaving or moving classrooms. Because of this, energies between the children can get funky. Sometimes it’s easier to leave someone if you are feeling angry at them! The teachers are always looking for ways to help give flow to the tumultuous feelings that can come up around these changes for the kids. 

It was great for the parents and teachers to meet and chat how Spring is manifesting in their children. Rather than trying to suppress this energy, we all came away with more tools to celebrate it. It is so wonderful that the teachers have the tools to help the children manage the expansive energy that is Spring!! 

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