Organic Snacks that Nourish the Soul

Visitors often comment about the comforting and delightful smell of baking bread wafting through our hallways. We believe that an organic and hearty mid-morning snack provides the children both the energy to devote to their physical development, and the grounding to focus on their healthy neurological development.

We follow a consistent snack rhythm through the week:

Monday: rice & lentils

Tuesday: millet + dahl

Wednesday: barley + vegetables

Thursday: oatmeal + fruit/raisins

Friday: bread + goat cheese (or butter, or chèvre)

The children help make the cheese or butter. They also help preparation by kneading the dough, measuring and mixing the the ingredients, and buttering the bread. Knowing what snack to expect each day (oatmeal day is followed by bread day) helps them gain a greater sense of rhythm in a sometimes chaotic world!

Our ingredients are always “organic”. Recent scientific research, and commentary by the American Academy of Pediatrics (, suggests that it is worth sourcing organic foods for children. Pesticide residues on food can cause problems with both physical health and cognitive development pathways. As our children grow into strong and healthy adults, their bodies need the strength given to them by nutrient-rich, lovingly prepared foods.

Providing a hearty, healthy meal for children in an environment that is consistent and nourishing to their body and mind is just one of the things we are so happy to offer at BWK!

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