Kindergarten Program – New in Fall 2024!

Our Kindergarten program is uniquely designed to meet the curiosity of the 5-year-old child. The program places a heavy emphasis on outdoor education along with developing the child’s social-emotional capacities. The meaningful curriculum will prepare the child for First Grade and beyond while setting a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Our Kindergarten program is a classroom dedicated to children who have reached their 5th birthday by October 1st of the school year.

 Key Features of the KG Program

  1. Cognitive Development:  Cognitive development will be supported through activities that involve sequencing, sorting, and categorizing.
  2. Cultivation of Imagination and Creativity: We will place a strong emphasis on cultivating children’s imagination. Creative play, fairy tales, and artistic expression contribute to the development of a child’s cognitive and imaginative capacities.
  3. Cultural Stories and Folk Tales:  Academic concepts, such as language and cultural awareness, will be introduced through storytelling. Folk tales and cultural stories will be woven into the curriculum, enhancing language skills and fostering a love for literature.
  4. Holistic Learning Experience:  The program is designed to promote holistic development by integrating academic, social, and emotional learning in a natural setting. Outdoor play, interactive projects, and nature-inspired lessons will create a well-rounded educational experience.
  5. Immersive Arts and Handwork”: Academics will be introduced through artistic activities and handwork. For example, storytelling, painting, drawing, woodworking, handwork, sewing, song, and rhythmic activities will be used to indirectly lay the groundwork for academic concepts. These activities contribute to the development of fine motor skills, creativity, and concentration.
  6. Introduction of Early Math Concepts: Basic mathematical concepts will be introduced through hands-on activities and games. This might include activities like gardening, cooking, sewing, counting games, rhythmic movements, and play with geometric shapes.
  7. Introduction of Letters:  There will be an introduction to letters and simple words. Letters will be introduced creatively and artistically, engaging the children in a developmentally appropriate learning process that ignites their interest in academics. More advanced academic instruction will be provided to those children who express interest.
  8. Introduction to Simple Stories:  Children in the program will be exposed to longer and more complex stories, helping to develop listening skills, comprehension, and a foundation for reading.
  9. Outdoor Classrooms:  Our Kindergarten program will extend beyond four walls, embracing the natural world as an extension of our learning environment. Immersive outdoor spaces will be enhanced over the summer to stimulate creativity, curiosity, and hands-on exploration for this age. Our curriculum will be informed by evidence-based practices that highlight the benefits of nature-based education for healthy child development. Through guided outdoor activities, students will learn to appreciate the environment, fostering a sense of stewardship from a young age. Outdoor activities and experiences in the natural world support a child’s sensory development and overall well-being.
  10. Play-Based Learning:  We will prioritize play as the primary mode of learning for young children. Play is seen as the essential foundation for intellectual, social, and emotional development.
  11. Social Development:  Social skills and emotional development will be prioritized and fostered through group activities, collaborative projects, and games. Children will continue to learn to work together, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts through play and collaborative activities.

Kindergarten Schedule

The hours are 8:30am – 3:00pm, with an optional extended day until 4:00pm. We offer a five-day program and a four-day program (MTWTh).