Our 2023/2024 Contract is found here.

Our 2024/2025 Contracts are found below:

Toddler Contract

Nursery Contract

Universal PreK Contract

Kindergarten Contract

CCAP Contract

Student Paperwork – Enrolled Children

The following forms must be submitted for each enrolled child prior to the child’s first day:bwk_grounds2

  • Student Form (must be completed annually)
  • Health Evaluation (must be updated regularly per the AAP schedule for Physical Exams)
  • Immunization Records (must be updated regularly at every recommended immunization date)
    • Immunization Certificate
    • If your child cannot get vaccines because of medical reasons, you must submit a Certificate of Medical Exemption to the school, signed by a health care provider licensed to give vaccines. You only need to submit this certificate once, unless your child’s information changes. You can get the certificate HERE.
    • If you choose not to have your child vaccinated according to the current recommended schedule because of personal belief or religious reasons, you must submit a Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption to the school. Nonmedical exemptions must be submitted at ages 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months and 18 months. There are two ways to file a nonmedical exemption.
      • File the Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption WITH a signature from an immunizing provider, OR
      • File the Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption received upon the completion of CDPHE’s online education module.
    • Downloadable certificates and CDPHE’s online education module are available HERE.

If your child has allergies or asthma, please submit the following forms: 

Our Parent Handbook is found HERE. Once your child is enrolled, we ask that you submit the “Parent Handbook Acknowledgment Form” that is found on the last page of the Handbook.