Parent Testimonials

Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten is a magical place!! Our little guy goes there and he loves everyone there. He comes home with great stories and wonderful adventures. A truly safe and wonderful place to allow your child to grow. The teachers are wonderful!

I have a 4 year old and 2 year old at BWK and they both just love it there! The teachers and staff are so wonderful and you can really see how they care about your child(ren). Not only is it a safe, fun environment for my kiddos, but BWK has helped bring my daughter’s spark back!

Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten is quite simply the BEST in the business!!! All you have to do is walk into this incredible environment and meet these extraordinary teachers to feel how exceptional this place is for children.  Early childhood is such a short and fleeting time in life.  Give your child the space to grow and LOVE life beyond the home.

BWK is a gem! The focus on nature, the seasons and their rhythms help children understand and cope with the flow within themselves and this is really making a difference in my daughter. She is thriving in the natural space at BWK! The outdoor setting is wonderful and has many wooden play structures for imaginative play. The children help tend to the garden and farm animals which gives them a sense of accomplishment. This is the way we all should be able to start our education!!

I love how this school has had such a positive effect on my 3 year old son. He has been attending for four months. It only took him a week to grow accustomed to his teacher and feel comfortable enough to leave my side and want to go to class! Miss Angie’s big heart and sweet and gentle nature is much appreciated by my son and allows him to feel cared for and safe. To compliment the sweetness of this school, the structure and daily routines and rhythms help let my child know what to expect and happy to share about the stories and activities he did in his day. His vocabulary and comfort around other children has grown exponentially.

From the moment we walked into Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten, we knew this was the place for our daughter. We came from a Waldorf daycare which was amazing in itself, and this was a natural progression. The teachers at BWK have been the continual force that has blown my mind – a fluid and organic team spirit between all the teachers and staff creates the more-than-palpable sense that our children are held in safety and love, allowed to be themselves fully with the complementary augmentation of gentle and intuitive guidance. Intuitive teaching is a staple of this school’s philosophy and what makes it great. The land and the play yard too are something to write home about.

BWK is a magical place. The teachers share so much love with our children. When my daughter is home, she’s always singing and creating beautiful games for us to play. I know that much of this joyfulness carries over from what she has heard and learned during the day at school. Our family feels incredibly lucky that a place like this exists. I marveled last week at their harvest festival as I watched the new tiny baby goats running around their pen, children huddled around the old wooden apple press as they made cider from the apples they had gathered the day before, other children laughing as they stuffed a scarecrow, others enjoying the homemade butter and delicious bread, apple, and kale chips…BWK is one of a kind.

BWK is the most magical, sacred and beautiful place for a little one to explore! The teachers are so grounded, loving and present with all of the children. Their knowledge of child development, combined with compassion and experience, supports both the child and the parent in having a profoundly nourishing, safe and playful time. We especially love the connection to the natural world, the animals and creatures, things that grow, things that live. It has been a dream to be here! Thank you, BWK!
We feel so fortunate to have found BWK. My wife and I struggled to find a school for our daughter; there are many conflicting views on the best choices for young children’s education. While we were not familiar with the Waldorf educational principles before our tour, the teachers were happy to educate us about its tenets and benefits. Our daughter loves the playful atmosphere where kids can be imaginative and really harness the magic of their childhood. It goes by so fast, and it’s wonderful to have found a place that honors and treasures those precious years. We also enjoy the celebration of the seasons, it’s helped us gain perspective as a family that each season has its own special place in the year.

We heard of BWK from one of the teachers who worked at our older son’s elementary school. I took the BWK tour and felt the calm and loving energy through the tour immediately, not to mention the goats/chicken/rabbits that BWK has. We then decided to enroll our younger son at the toddler class and just love Ms. Kerry and Grammy Zan. They have a magic, loving touch. Our younger son was happy and thrived in their loving care.  He is currently in the Lavender class after “graduating” from the toddler program. Ms Kristan, Ms Liz, and Farmer Will provide all their calming and loving care to our son as well. It took him a few weeks to adjust to the new teachers and friends.  Once he was settled, he has loved the class. He often asks if it is a school day during the weekend or holidays. He loves to play at the big yard and bring some extra greens to the goats/chicken/bunnies. All the staff are just friendly and loving. We love BWK!

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